Snowpro Plus+ New Features Release 33

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Current Annual and Monthly Subscribers can update to the current Snowpro Plus+ Release 33
by doing the following:

1. Starting up your current Snowpro

2. Select menu "Help", "Check for Update" to open up the Update Dialog

3. Click "Install Newest Release" and follow instructions

This release has improvements as follows:

Monthly Subscriptions

On August 1st we introduced a new Monthly Subscription Option (3-11 months).
This provides a single license and allows you to tailor your subscription to the period 
required for your operations. Pricing details are located in this article.

We continue as well to provide Annual Subscriptions with a bonus free 2nd license allowing you to run Snowpro software on two computers at the same time. 

Let's Get Started Now

Order Now! - You can order either type of subscription online at our Online Store.

Get a Free Trial! - You can download the full featured trial version of Snowpro Plus+ 

The Trial is full featured and not restricted in any way. Therefore, you can see exactly what you get in the Annual Subscription version. The Trial is active for 15 days after installation and can only be installed once on a computer.

 New and Changed Features 

The following features are listed below: (Click on Details link)

Windows 10 is here so changes include updates to make the software work well with Windows 10.
Although most of the work is under the hood and not visible there were a few things improved as follows.

1. Main menu icons enlarged and changed to a more modern look (Details)
2. Main graph fonts on entry fields are updated based on Preferences Graph Fonts
(only between 7-12 points) (Details)
3. Reworked all 4 table entry grids with improvements in contents and functionality (Details)
4. Compiled with Embarcadero Delphi Berlin 10.1 to improve performance and functionality (Details)
5. Updated windows installer to work with all O/S from WinXP to Win10 (Details)
6. User Manual (Details)


New registration server to allow multiple computers on single license/serial number

Bug Fixes:

          Many layout issues tidied up
257 - Ram Hardness not displayed on Graph when hardness type is Ram Profile – Fixed
258 - Ram Profile Hardness plot on graph is beyond borders – Fixed
260 - Graph up/down label was not being set correctly when direction changed on bottom of graph – Fixed
261 - The bottom of pit on the Shear Tests Dialog was not being set when the form opened - Fixed

New Icons


Old Look

New Look

Although new icons may not substantially improve Snowpro functionality we felt the improvement was due and Windows 10 changes gave us an excuse to do this. Various other forms have icon changes as well.

Main Graph Font (In Preferences)

Further to cosmetic changes we have modified the entry fields on the main graph form to allow you to set the family and size in preferences. We have limited the size to 7-12 points as smaller are hard to see and larger tends to fill the entry field in just a few characters. You can set the font at the location shown above.

Table Entry Grids Updated

The four table entry forms used to put in Temperatures, Snow Layers, Shear Layers, and Ram Profiles have been replace with TMS Grids. This new controls provides additional user friendly options to assist in entering data into Snowpro. The grids are sizeable allowing more rows of data to be seen at the same time. 

See below samples of each new form.

Temperatures Dialog

Snow Layers Dialog

Shear Tests Dialog

Ram Profile Dialog


New Compiler (Delphi Berlin 10.1)

The compiler is the development software we use to produce Snowpro. This software is continually upgraded by Embarcadero, the producer, to take advantages of new technologies and hardware in the computer industry. We are using Rad Studio for Delphi Version Berlin 10.1. This supports all Windows versions from WinXP to Windows 10. We have used some of the newer icons and other controls to improve the look and use of Snowpro. This provides the improved performance, memory management, and better stability of the Snowpro Plus+ software.

New Installer (Inno 5.5.9)

As well we have built the installation program which installs Snowpro on your computer to use the newest Inno versions which makes sure that there is no problems installing on Windows 10.

 User Manual and Help System

The cosmetic changes are fairly minor so we have not updated the User Manual at this point. However, we do have some additional features we plan to include (10 more shear tests) and we will update the manual with these and as well update the screen shots where appropriate then.

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