Nov 1, 2015 - Snowpro Maintenance Release 32.3 Now Available

One of our sharp eyed Snowpro Users has found a print bug in the newest Snowpro Plus+ version and we also found a Windows menu group bug that no one has noticed yet. We have fixed these minor issues and issued a new Maintenance Release R32.3.

Your automatic update will let you easily check for and install the new Maintenance Release.

If you have automatic updates enabled (set check to 1 day works best) then the next time your software automatically checks for new updates you will be prompted. You can then select to install the new release.

If you don't have automatic updates enabled then:

  1. Start up Snowpro Plus+
  2. Click on main menu item Help then Check for Updates
  3. Select Install Newest Release 2014.12.32.3


Follow this link to see the bugs resolved in this release.

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