Bug Fixes

This documents the bugs fixes resolved in Release 32. If you encounter a problem not documented here then please submit a request to us and we will be happy to resolve this.

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 Bug#  Details  Resolution
057 Ram Profile Hint Message is showing 0 for top value Fixed
186 Missing fields in CSV save format Fixed
198 Ram Profile total layers not equal to entered depths Fixed,  this was a round off issue
199 Unable to set negative latitude New Lat Long Form includes correction
213 Window Menu "Reset All" causes toolbar to move incorrectly Fixed
214 Error when canceling out of Save-As Poor message, changed to "Please enter a valid filename - Not Saved"
215 New profile does not set correct default time  Fixed - set to current system time hh:mm
218 Help Keyword search doesn't open to the search function in the help Tri-Pane Fixed, all links to website also confirmed
221 Can't left click change temperature toolbox icon colour Fixed
222 Preferences default graph scale 50-2500 doesn't permanently change Fixed
224 Grid Lines pixels per 10cm: Saves preference even if cancelled Fixed, will now revert to previous value if canceled
227 Pressing "Help" on the top ribbon does not open anything Fixed
236 Time field Minutes doesn't retain value on save Fixed
237 Bottom of Pit field does not retain value on save Fixed
241 Change spelling from "loose" to "lose" Fixed
244 Grain forms text is not consistent in case Fixed, All in proper case now
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