Label and Language Translating

Snowpro Plus was developed to support other languages than English. There are language translation files for Icelandic (islenka), French (francais), and Spanish (català)  and more in the works. While we do not directly support non English languages we do ship any languages translations that users have sent to us to be used by anyone in the user community. If you have localized a different language then feel free to submit this for inclusion in a future release.

The way translation works is there are two files ending in .slt and .sl2 which contain every English text label in the software (about 1200). There are two templates named trans.slt and trans.sl2 that can be used to create a new language translation file set. When you select a translation file set and enable translation then all English labels are replaced with the translate text.

Now this leads to an interesting idea! In English you can easily change the text on any label by translating this to a different English text label. For example if you don’t like the label “Air Temperature” you could perhaps call it “Outside Temperature”.

There are two ways to create translations. You can copy the two files trans.slt and trans.sl2 to different names such as english1.slt and english1.sl2 then edit the files with a ASCII text editor such as notepad and add the translated text. For the Air Temperature example above you would open file english1.slt and locate the section and label  and change it as follows:

[GRA:GRAPHLABEL] (Each section starts like this between square brackets)

Air Temperature=Outside Temperature  (left side is original text, right side is translated text)

You then save the file, start up Snowpro and enable translation on the Main Menu Translation Menu dialog and select “english1” as your language. You then exit the software and restart it and the label will now show as Outside Temperature.

Note: It is important not to put new labels on the right side of the equal sign that match labels already on the left side of the equal sign as you will get incorrect results.

The other way to do the translations is to enable the translations and turn on the learn mode. The software will then prompt you for each label that is not translated. It is necessary for you to select all Snowpro options and dialogue boxes in order to get all labels translated.

The full details of language translations are detailed in the User Manual in “Appendix B - Language and Label Translation” and this is viewable in the User Manual on the Help Menu.

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