All About layer Slopes

A little known feature of Snowpro Plus is Layer Slopes. Layer slopes are a small indicator placed on the very right side of the layer information. This was initially developed to support users in Europe who used this information in visually flag the layer slope at different layers within the snow profile.

Layer slopes allow you to display the slope of the measured snow layer on the graph.
The slope is plotted at the slope angle from the lower left of the layer in the slope column upwards to the right. The layer slope can be used in the plot lines for Shear Stress instead of the surface slope. This might give more accurate calculation of these lines and values in some cases. Layer slopes are optional and can be hidden. The numerical value of the slope can also be shown or hidden.

The surface slope is the same slope as displayed in the Slope field shown in the upper left side of the graph. You can set the surface slope at either location and the other slope will be automatically adjusted.

To Show or Hide All Slope Numerical Values Using Preferences

The layer slope is drawn at the angle specified. You can also show the numerical slope value in the upper left corner of the layer slope field.

  1. Click on Preferences, Snow Layers Tab.

    a)  To Show: Check Show Layers Slope Percents On Graph checkbox.
    b)  To Hide: Clear Show Layers Slope Percents On Graph checkbox.

To Set the Layer Slope Using the Mouse

  1. Hold keyboard Shift key down.
  2. Place the mouse cursor in the slope column at the desired layer.
  3. Drag the mouse cursor up or down until the desired slope is set then release the mouse button. A dashed line will indicate the current slope position. 
  4. Repeat for each layer slope.

Note:   The slope value will be displayed on the status line at the bottom of the graph to assist in accurate setting.

To Set All Slopes to Same Value

  1. Set any single slope to the desired value using above technique.
  2. Hold keyboard Ctrl key and Click on the slope you want to copy to the remaining layers slope.

Note:   This does not change the surface slope

To Show or Hide an Individual Slope Numerical Value Using the Mouse

  1. Hold keyboard Alt key.
  2. Click on the slope you wish to show or hide the actual degrees next to the slope line.
  3. Repeat for each layer slope.
  4. Set the slope value to zero and the line will not be displayed.

To Hide an Individual Slope Line

1.      Set the slope value to zero and the line will not be displayed.



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