Snowpro Plus+ New JSON Save Format

New JSON Format

Snowpro Plus+ Release 32 (Nov2014) and later releases have changed the save file format from XML to JSON.

JSON  (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard format that uses human readable text to transmit and save data. (See citation at

We decided to change to the JSON format for a number of reasons:

  • It is much easier for people to view with a regular text edit
  • It allows simpler data exchange. This will allow easy exchange of data between our upcoming Web and Mobile version of Snowpro
  • Allows easier extension of the save file in the future without breaking the ability to read older save formats


What Does This Mean To Snowpro Users?

For most users this will not have any effect. The new Snowpro release will still read all previous supported formats (profiles filenames ending in .PRO, .PRX). If you re-save the opened profile then it will be automatically saved using the new format.

Who Might It Affect?

If you are using the previous XML profiles as import data into another computer system or application then you will need to rework this to import the new format.

Contact us for support and we will assist you with information on the new format.

We also can provide contract programming services to help you with this and to convert older profiles to the new format in larger batches.

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