Quick Start - A Text Walkthrough

For Those Who Can’t Wait Until They Have Read the Manual

Opening then Printing the First Profile

The following describes the minimum steps to print your first profile graph. Snowpro has been designed to be very user friendly and easy to use. However, it has many features not in previous Snowpro versions and will require some reading of the User Manual to fully take advantage of all the features and power of the software.

  1. Install the software.
  2. Start the Software.
    Click on Windows Start button, Snowpro Plus+, Run Snowpro Plus+.

  1. Click on the Menu Open Folder button.
    The open dialog box will be displayed.
    (Supported formats are .PRO, .PRX, .PJO)

  1. Click on a sample profile.
    You may select more than 1 file. There are 15 samples supplied with the software.
  2. Click on Open button.
    The graph will be displayed.

You need to set up your name in the Preferences before printing the profile.

  1. Click on Preferences Menu button.

  1. Enter your company or organization name in Title line 1.
  2. Enter other information such as the area or other company information in Title line 2.

  1. Click on Save button to save the preferencesinformation.
  2. Click on OK button to exit the Preferences form.

  1. Click on Menu Print button.
    The profilegraph will be sent to the current default printer.

Please read the manual to learn about the new features to efficiently use the Snowpro software.

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