High Quality Profile Graph Exports

Snowpro can export the graphs to either a windows bitmap (.bmp) or JPeg (.jpg) file.

JPegs are a lot smaller in file size. You can control the quality of the JPeg file by changing the “JPeg Quality” value on the Print/Export Preferences tab from about 65-100 (below 65 gives a grainy graph) to a higher value. If you set it to 100 you get a very good image but the file size is larger. (See Figure 4) We have found 65 to usually be a best trade off between quality and file size but your graphs may be a bit different.



Larger export image width and height sizes give a better representation as more pixels are used when rendering the graph. For example a graph set to 2000 by 3000 pixels will have smoother lines and graphics on it than one at 200 by 300. Try experimenting with different values. Bitmaps are very good quality but typically are 10 times larger in file size than JPegs.


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