Changing Ram Hardness Modifiers

A new feature of Snowpro Plus is plus and minus hand hardness modifiers. This lets you set the hardness to be about either one or two thirds between the standard hardness settings allowing a finer resolution on estimated hand hardness.

The modifiers are shown with the a small plus or minus symbol in the center bottom of the hand hardness icon in the snow layer as shown in. The width of the hardness bar in the left side of the graph will also indicate the end position either before or after the hardness scale I, K, P, 1F, 4F, or F.

Figure 1- Hardness Modifiers

Figure 2 - Hand Hardness Icons on Toolbar

Note:   The Fist modifiers do not include the minus and the Ice modifiers do not include the plus.

To Set the Hand Hardness Modifier for Layer, Symbol on the Graph, or Toolbar

  1. Hold the keyboard Ctrl key down and click the left mouse button.
    The layer width and the hardness icon will change to reflect the current modified hand hardness value.
  2. Repeat to toggle modifier between none, plus, or minus.
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