Snowpro Plus+ New and Updated Features and Changes

Previous (Maintenance Release 32.3 Dec 27, 2014)

This release fixes 2 issues recently found in the R32 release

#251-The Time field on the printed graph was showing an incorrect value.
Fix: Corrected to show HH:MM (where HH is 00-23 and MM is 00-59)

#252-The Windows Menu Option in the Snowpro Group "Snowpro on the Web" was not going to the correct place.
Fix: Corrected to go to

Previous (Release 32 Nov 15, 2014)

  • Supports snow packs height up to 25 metres (up from 15)
  • A photo/bitmap file can be attached to the profile
  • CSV export of all profile data (readable by MS-Excel)
  • JSON file save format (PJO) (replaces previous XML format)
  • Latitude and longitude dialog to easily create locations in 3 formats
  • Lat/Long profile location shown on World Map (OpenStreet)
  • Lower and upper height of displayed graph can be set independent
    of actual snow height for single page printing
  • New fields: Aspect Degrees, Observer2, Data Recorder,
    Wind Loading, Notable
  • Add Snow Layer Button (in addition to Toolbox)
  • Spin controls added to most numeric fields


  • New Standardized Layer Tests: Shear Frame, Deep Tap, Extended Column, and Propagation Saw Tests
  • Supports read of all previous Snowpro PRO, PRX (XML) file formats
  • Persistent Layer Nicknames
  • Updated Grainforms to  IASC 2009 Standards - Version now uses the symbol fonts from IASC organization
  • Updated saved values to Canadian Avalanche Assocation Dec 2007 OGRS Standard
  • Automatic update of new releases
  • Updated installer support for Windows 7 and 8
  • Updated User Manual in PDF Format which includes links to external web links
  • Redesigned user interface: now uses Toolbars with drag and dropfunctionality
  • All fields can are directly entered on the graph except for Shear test 
  • Software still supports forms for entering all non-weather data items.
  • Weather is entered directly on graph.
  • All Ramsonde calculations (Reduce) are now done in table entry form
  • Detailed information on any profile object by placing mouse cursor over it
    (i.e. layer height, temperatures, crystal form names)
  • The temperature, hardness, and stress scales are user settable
  • Hardness for Fist, Pencil etc. now has plus and minus graduation modifiers
  • Log of profile session reports errors and allows user entry
  • Fonts, colours, and line sizes are user settable
  • Graph can be scaled to fit on one printed page no matter what size
  • Borders, Fonts, Line thickness on printer graph are user settable
  • Multiple graphs can be loaded at once and shown on screen at one time
  • Textual reports for Snow, Shear, Ram layers, and comments data can now be printed
  • New snow layer slope field (used in calculating shear stress)
  • Generate export image files in JPEG and BMP formats that allow you to use graph in word processing documents, Internet sites etc.
  • Snow Load Plot Line
  • All items on graphcan be hidden in groups on Graph Properties Menu
  • Improved error handling added to system
  • Context sensitive on-line help improved
  • The Fist Hand Hardness and Dry Water Content symbols can be displayed as a dot instead of blank
  • Plus hundreds of little improvements
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