What is Snowpro Plus+?

Snowpro Plus+ is the newest version of our Snow Profile Software.

Snowpro Plus+ is designed to provide high quality plots of Snow Cover Profile information according to the International Classification for Seasonal Snow on the Ground (IACS) Get IACS Classification Doc. Snowpro was developed in conjunction with the Snow Avalanche Programs of the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Highways in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It incorporates a method for plotting results of Ramsonde hardness measurements, the shovel shear test described in the National Research Council of Canada, and Canadian Avalanche Association guidelines (2007) and also the Rutshblock system advocated by researchers at the University of Calgary (Jamieson and Johnston, 1992). (See Interpreting Rutschblocks in Avalance Start Zones) Other Shear Tests include Shear-frame, Deep Tap, Extended Column and Propagation Saw. Layer hardness can be plotted according to a system that approximates a ram profile. Snow and Shear Layers can be tagged with a "Nickname" to track layers over progressive profiles. The save format is based on CAAML XML allowing easy data interchange with other related applications.

Snowpro Plus+ is the latest version of the Snowpro snow cover profile software designed and built by Gasman Industries Ltd. Snowpro Plus+ was in development for two years and and has been sold to the ski and avalanche industry since December 1999 (Under the name Snowpro 2000). It incorporates many new features requested by users of the previous version Snowpro 2.1.

The Snowpro Plus+ version, written for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, has a new user interface that uses drag-and-drop technology to place profile objects such as snow temperature points, grain from symbols, and hardness layers on the graph. The user is able to easily move these objects anywhere on the graph. Dynamic location information is displayed to assist the user in placement of the graph objects. Each object on the graph can be queried easily for its location and values and special functions by simply placing the mouse cursor over the object. Weather data can also be directly entered on the graph in appropriate fields. The graph fonts, line sizes and object colours are user settable. Printing has been enhanced to give the user total control over the sizing and fonts of the printed profile.  Graphs can be scaled to print on a single page regardless of snow pack height. Included is a graph export option that allows you to create bitmap files suitable for the internet allowing web based data exchange. High quality PDF profile graphs can be created with the free add-on print driver from PrimoPDF.

Snowpro Plus+ is able to read all profiles created under previous Snowpro versions.

Snowpro Plus+ is sold on an Annual Subscription basis.

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