Ram Profiles

Ram Profiles

Most people doing snowpit hardness tests use the “Hand Hardness” test since this is quick and easy. However, Snowpro Plus+ has a table that captures ram information from a Ram Profile (Ramsonde). The ram test is performed by driving a ram penetrometer into the snow pack by dropping a “hammer” weight onto the rod or tube. A series of measurements are obtained. These can be directly added to the Snowpro Ram table and the ram hardness is automatically calculated and shown on the graph.

Figure 1 - Ram Table Entry

Figure 1 shows the Ram table filled in. You enter the hammer weight, the combined hammer and rod weight in column 1, the number of blows in column 2, the fall height of the hammer in column 3, and the total penetration of the rod in column 4. The software calculates the change in penetration in column 5 and the hardness for each row in column 6 as well as the total hardness. Once the table is saved, the ram hardness is shown on the profile graph.

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