Cumulative Shear Stress or Cumulative Snow Load Plot Lines

Snowpro is capable of drawing a graph line showing either the cumulative shear stress or cumulative snow load. 

figure 1

Figure 1 - Showing Cumulative Sh

Shear Stress on left side

Figure 1 shows a sample of a shear stress plot line (left) with a snow temperature plot line (right). The calculations use the layer thickness, either the profile slope or individual layer slope and the density of each layer to derive the stress or load values. The SS or SL scale along the bottom of the graph shows the values and these are adjustable for units or scale range. The calculated values can be viewed by moving the cursor over top of the small squares on the plot line.

Snowpro have two slope options. The traditional calculation uses the profile slope (37 percent in this example). We have also included an experimental option to use the individual layer slope values. This is shown on the right side of Figure 1 but is not included in the calculations here. See the User Manual or Integrated Help for details on enabling layer slopes. It is unknown whether individual layer slope values give better values than the profile slope. Perhaps someone in the snow community would like to do further testing to determine this?


Figure 1 - Showing Cumulative Shear Stress on left side


figure 2

Figure 2 - Settings for Cumulation Shear Stress and Snow Load

To enable the cumulative plot line open up the Preferences General Tab (Figure 2) and check the “Shear Stress Show On Graph” check box. Select the Plot Type, Units, and Use Slope values.

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